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Weekly Information Bulletin: 27th November 2010

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The Week Ahead: 29 November – 3 December 2010


Commons Chamber

General Committees

Select Committees

Lords Chamber

Lords Select



29 Nov.

OPQ – Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Leader of the House of Commons and House of Commons Commission

Autumn Statement

Backbench Business – (i) A Motion relating to Banking reform (ii) General Debate on Regulation of Independent Financial Advisors

Adj – Care Quality Commission regulation of dental practitioners

1st DLC Draft Double Taxation Relief and International Tax Enforcement (Belgium) Order 2010…

2nd DLC Draft National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2010

Backbench Business


Oral Questions

Legislation – Public Bodies Bill [HL] – Committee of the whole House (Day 2)

Short Debate – United Kingdom academic health partnerships

Legislation – Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill [HL] – Committee stage



30 Nov.

OPQ – Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General, Church Commissioners; Public Accounts Commission; Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission

Ten Minute Rule– Consumer Protection (Private Car Parks)

Debate – Opposition Day (7th allotted Day) – (i) School Sport Funding (ii) Tuition Funding

Adj – Protection for users of mobility scooters

PBC – Postal Services Bill

3rd DLC – Draft Official Statistics Order 2010



Welsh Affairs

Public Accounts

International Development

Business, Innovation and Skills


Home Affairs

Energy and Climate Change


Oral Questions

Legislation – Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill – Committee of the whole House Orders and Regulations –

Short Debate – Provision of epilepsy services

Short Debate – Measures in respect of Iran over human rights, nuclear developments and its role in neighbouring countries

Short Debate – Individual countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus

Short Debate – Procurement lessons learnt from the railways

Short Debate – Value of manufacturing to the UK economy

Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade (EU Sub-Committee A)


Economic Affairs

Science and Technology: Sub-Committee I

European Union


1 Dec

OPQ – Scotland, Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 (Amendment)

Legislation – Fixed-Term Parliaments Bill – Committee (Day 3)

Adj – Operation of the law of libel

4th DLC – Draft Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (Directions to OFCOM) Order 2010

5th DLC – Draft Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2010

WGC – Implications for Wales of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review

Science and Technology

Culture, Media and Sport

Scottish Affairs

Environmental Audit

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation – Superannuation Bill – Report stage

Orders and regulations – National Assembly for Wales (Representation of the People) (Amendment) Order 2010

Legislation – Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill [HL] – Committee stage (Day 2)

Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment (EU Sub-Committee D)

Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment (EU Sub-Committee D)


2 Dec

OPQ – Transport, including Topical Questions

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Backbench Business – – (i) Motions relating to Standards and Privileges (ii) A General Debate on the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

Adj – UK passport contract

PBC – National Insurance Contributions Bill Committee

PBC – Postal Services Bill

Political and Constitutional Reform


Oral Questions

Debate – Human rights abuses worldwide

Debate – Philanthropy

Orders and Regulations – Income–related Benefits (Subsidy to Authorities) (Temporary Accomodation) Amendment Order 2010

Social Policies and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee G)


3 Dec.

Private Members’ Bills

Adj – Turks and Caicos Islands



Legislation – Re–Export controls Bill [HL] – Second reading

Legislation – House of Lords Reform Bill [HL] – Second reading