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Weekly Information Bulletin: 4th December 2010

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The Week Ahead: 6 – 10 December 2010


Commons Chamber

General Committees

Select Committees

Lords Chamber

Lords Select



6 Dec.

OPQ – Home Office, including Topical Questions

Debate – Opposition Day (8th allotted Day) – Unfair distribution and impact of cuts to local government funding

Adj – Future of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary


Backbench Business


Oral Questions

Legislation – Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill - Committee of the whole House (Day 2)

Short Debate – Economic and security implications of the melting of the Artic ice cap

Legislation – Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill [HL] - Committee stage (Day 3)



7 Dec.

OPQ – Health, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule– Safe Standing (Football Stadia)

Legislation – European Union Bill – Second reading

Adj – Regulation of foreign exchange services: the case of Crown Currency Exchange

NIGC - The implications for Northern Ireland of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review

PBC – National Insurance Contributions Bill

PBC – Postal Services Bill

1st DLC – Draft Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2010

2nd DLC – Draft Road Safety (Financial Penalty Deposit) (Appropriate Amount) (Amendment) Order 2010



Welsh Affairs

Public Accounts

International Development

Business, Innovation and Skills


Home Affairs

Energy and Climate Change


Oral Questions

Legislation – Superannuation Bill – Third Reading

Legislation – Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill - Second reading

Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade (EU Sub-Committee A)

Economic Affairs

Science and Technology: Sub-Committee I


8 Dec

OPQ – Wales, Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Council Housing (Local Financing Pathfinders)

Debate – Estimates Day (1st allotted day)

Adj – Acute mental health service provision in Lancashire


Science and Technology

Culture, Media and Sport

Scottish Affairs

Environmental Audit

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation – Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill - Committee of the whole House (Day 3)

Short Debate – Plans for disposing of the Tote

Orders and Regulations

Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment (EU Sub-Committee D


Justice and Institutions (EU Sub-Committee E)


9 Dec

OPQ – DEFRA, including Topical Questions

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Legislation – Proceedings on the Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No. 2) Bill

Motion – Relating to higher education and tuition fees

Adj – Patient confidentiality and the mentally ill

PBC – National Insurance Contributions

PBC – Postal Services Bill

Political and Constitutional Reform


Oral Questions

Debate – Sport and Young People

Debate – Cuts to the provision of social care and other public services

Orders and Regulations – Scottish Parliament (Election etc.) Order 2010

Social Policies and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee G)


10 Dec.

The House will not be sitting



The House will not be sitting