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Weekly Information Bulletin

Weekly Information Bulletin: 29th January 2011

House of Lords Committees: Forthcoming Public Meetings
31January – 4 February 2011

Further enquiries about Lords Committees can be made to the Lords Committee Office: 020 7219 2940

Monday 31 January


Tuesday 1 February

HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom
Witnesses: (at 10.30am) Professor David Harper, Director General for Health Improvement and Protection, and Chief Scientist, Department for Health; and Dr Gabriel Scally, Regional Director for Public Health (South West), Department for Health.


Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade (EU Sub-Committee A)
Witnesses: (at 11.00am) Mr Brendan Donnelly, Director, Federal Trust, on the EU Select Committee inquiry into the EU Budget Review.


Social Policies and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee G)
Subject: Grassroots Sport and the EU
Witnesses: (at 1.35pm) Greg Paulger, Director of DG Education and Culture, European Commission.


Joint Committee on Human Rights
Subject: The Human Rights Implications of UK Extradition Policy
Witnesses: (at 2.20pm) Catherine Heard, Head of Policy, Fair Trials International; Jodie Blackstock, Barrister and Senior Legal Officer (EU: Justice and Home Affairs); Sally Ireland, Director of Criminal Justice Policy, JUSTICE; Sophie Farthing, Policy Officer, Liberty; and (at 3.20pm) people with experience of extradition proceedings.


Science and Technology: Sub-Committee I
Subject: Behaviour Change
Witnesses: (at 3.50pm) Dr Steve Skippon, Principle Scientist, Shell Global Solutions; Dr Jillian Anable, Transport Research Centre, University of Aberdeen; Professor Phil Goodwin, Centre for Transport and Society, University of the West of England; (at 4.50pm) Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, Environmental Psychologist, Cardiff University; Professor Peter Bonsall, Professor of Transport Planning, University of Leeds; Mr Andrew Lee, Director, Sustainable Development Commission; and Professor David Banister, Director, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford.


European Union
Witnesses: (at 4.10pm) Mr. Janos Csak, Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary; Mrs. Klara Breuer-Rudas, Deputy Head of Mission; and Ms. Andrea Normal-Walker, Counsellor; on the Hungarian Presidency of the EU.


Wednesday 2 February

Witnesses: (at 10.30am) Lord Butler of Brockwell; Lord Turnbull; and Lord Wilson of Dinton; and (at 11.15am) Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield; on the Draft Cabinet Manual.


Home Affairs (EU Sub-Committee F)
Subject: The EU Internal Security Strategy
Witnesses: This is a private meeting. Neil Thompson, Cabinet Office; and Dr Steve Marsh, Deputy Director, Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance.


Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment (EU Sub-Committee D)
Subject: Innovation in EU Agriculture
Witnesses: (at 11.00am) Madame Marion Guillou, President, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA); and Professor Douglas Kell, Chief Executive, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).


Thursday 3 February

Social Policies and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee G)
Subject: Grassroots Sport and the EU
Witnesses: (at 10.00am) Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland.


Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy (EU Sub-Committee C)*
Witnesses: (at 10.05am) Dr Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for Defence, Ministry of Defence, on UK-French Defence.


Friday 4 February