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Weekly Information Bulletin: 5th February 2011

General Committees

General Committee debates are available to view on the Parliament website.

Public Bill Committee debates.

Other General Committee debates.

For further information on General Committees see HCIO Factsheet L6 produced by the House of Commons Information Office, available in hardcopy on request or to download from the Parliament website.

Current Public Bill Committees, details of membership




Draft House of Lords Reform

Bill laid

Issue 3 p23

Finance (No. 2)


Issue 13, p30; Issue 14 p31

Health and Social Care


This issue

Identity Documents


Issue 5 p25; Issue 6 p30

Local Government


Issue 15 p34



Issue 25 p38; This issue

National Insurance Contributions


Issue 19 p37, Issue 20 p38

Police Reform and Social Responsibility


Issue 22, p37

Postal Services


Issue 16 p33; Issue 19 p37

Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy


Issue 15 p34; Issue 17 p34

Sports Ground Safety Authority

Issue 20 p38; Issue 24 p36



Issue 11, p27; Issue 12 p30

Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc.


Issue 18 p36; Issue 19 p37

Wreck Removal Convention

Issue 25 p38; This issue

Dates in italics denote expected reporting date, (R), of Public Bill Committee as stated in the Programme Motion if made

Membership announcements and changes:

Localism Bill: Simon Danzuk, Pat Glass and Angela Smith discharged; Heidi Alexander, Ian Mearns and Jonathan Reynolds nominated

Welsh Grand Committee: Stuart Andrew, Mrs Cheryl Gillan, Karen Lumley and Mr Brooks Newmark added

Wreck Removal Convention Bill: Martin Caton appointed Chair

Health and Social Care Bill:

Chairs: Mr Jim Hood and Mr Mike Hancock

Debbie Abrahams

Mr Kevin Barron

Tom Blenkinsop

Mr Steve Brine

Mr Simon Burns

Paul Burstow

Dan Byles

Stephen Crabb

Nick de Bois

Margot James

Liz Kendall

Jeremy Lefroy

Nicky Morgan

Grahame M. Morris

Dr Daniel Poulter

John Pugh

Jim Shannon

Owen Smith

Anna Soubry

Julian Sturdy

Emily Thornberry

Karl Turner

Derek Twigg

Phil Wilson

General Committee Meetings

31 January – 4 February 2011

Monday 31 January

ECA European Union Document No. 15277/10, relating to a report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on animal cloning for food
3 rd DLC Value Added Tax (Exceptions Relating to Supplies not Made to Relevant Business Person) Order 2010 (S.I., 2010, No. 3017), the Value Added Tax (Payments on Account) (Amendment) Order 2011 (S.I., 2011, No. 21) and the Value Added Tax (Buildings and Land) Order 2011 (S.I., 2011, No. 86) ,

Tuesday 1 February

PBC Localism Bill (5 th & 6 th Sittings: Clauses 1-7 & 9-12 Agreed; Clause 8 Agreed on division; Schedules 2-3 Agreed)
PBC Police Reform and Socia l Responsibility Bill (9 th &10 th Sittings: Clause 4 & 26 Agreed on Division; Clause s 5-6 , 19, 24-25 Agreed as amended; Clause 7-18, 20-23 and 27 Agreed ; Schedule 5 Agreed
4 th DLC Draft Investment Bank Special Administration Regulations 2011 and the draft Investment Bank (Amend ment of Definition) Order 2011
ECB European Documents No. 9606/10, relating to a Council Regulation establishing a European financial stabilisation mechanism and No. 12119/10, relating to a Draft amending budget No. 7 to the general budget 2010—Statement of expenditure by Section—Section III—Commission

Wednesday 2 February

ECA European Union Document No. 16096/10, relating to Energy 2020: A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy
1 st DLC Draft Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (Codes of Practice) (Revision of Codes A, B and D) Order 2010

Thursday 3 February

PBC Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill (11 th & 12 th Sittings: Clause 28 Agreed on division; Clause 29 -34 Agreed; Schedules 6-7 Agreed)
PBC Localism Bill (7 th & 8 th Sittings; Clauses 13- 15 & 17-29 Agreed; Clauses 16 & 30-31 Agreed on division; Schedule 4 Agreed
2 nd DLC Draft European Union (Definition of Treaties) (Partnership and Cooperation Agreement) (Rep ublic of Indonesia) Order 2010

Friday 4 February


Forthcoming General Committee Meetings

7 – 11 February 2011

Monday 7 February

PBC Wreck Removal Convention Bill, 4.30pm, Room 9
ECB European Union Document No. 15282/10 and Addendum, relating to a Commission Communication: Taxation of the Financial Sector, 4.30pm, Room 10

Tuesday 8 February

PBC Health and Social Care Bill, 10.30am & 4.00pm, Boothroyd Room
PBC Localism Bill , 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 12
PBC Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill , 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 9
ECB European Documents No. 11048/10, relating to a Draft Agreement, No. 11172/10, relating to a Council Decision on the conclusion of the Agreement, and No. 11173/10, relating to a Council Decision on the signature of the Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America on the Processing and Transfer of Financial Payment Messaging Data from the European Union to the United States of America for the purposes of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program , 4.3 0pm, Room 10
1 st DLC Draft Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Order 2011, 10.30am, Room 11

Wednesday 9 February


Thursday 10 February

PBC Health and Social Care Bill , 9.00 & 1.00pm, Boothroyd Room
PBC Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill , 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 9
PBC Localism Bill, 9.30am & 1.00pm, Room 12
SC Armed Forces Bill, 2.10pm, Room 14

Friday 11 February