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Weekly Information Bulletin: 5th March 2011

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The Week Ahead: 7 – 11 March 2011


Commons Chamber

General Committees

Select Committees

Lords Chamber

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7 Mar

OPQ – Home Office

Legislation – Scotland Bill – Committee of the Whole House (Day 1)

Adj – Future of the Pfizer site in Sandwich

1st DLC - Draft Grants to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2011

2nd DLC - Draft Local Authorities (Mayoral Elections) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

3rd DLC - Draft Marine Licensing (Licence Application Appeals) Regulations 2011 and the draft Marine Licensing (Notices Appeals) Regulations 2011

Communities and Local Government

Oral Questions

Legislation – Public Bodies Bill [HL]

Short Debate –

Orders and Regulations – Social Fund Maternity Grant Amendment Regulations 2011 - Motion of regret



8 Mar

OPQ – Health

Ten Minute Rule – Charitable Healthcare Providers (Value Added Tax Relief)

Legislation – European Union Bill – Remaining stages

Adj – Responding to humanitarian disasters

PBC - Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill [HL]

PBC - Education Bill

PBC - Health and Social Care Bill

PBC - Localism Bill

4th DLC - Draft Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011

5th DLC - Draft Licensing Act 2003 (Royal Wedding Licensing Hours) Order 2011

6th DLC - Draft Jobseeker’s Allowance (Work Experience) (Amendment) Regulations 2011


Business, Innovation and Skills



Public Administration

Welsh Affairs

Culture Media and Sport

Home Affairs

Back Bench Business

Joint Committee on Human Rights

Introductions – Lord Glasman, Lord Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

Oral Questions

Orders and Regulations – Jobseeker’s Allowance (Work Experience) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

Legislation – Postal Services Bill

Legislation – Energy Bill [HL]

Orders and Regulations – Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in Force of Sections 1 to 9) Order 2011

HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom

Joint Committee on Human Rights


9 Mar

OPQ –– Scotland, Prime Minister

Ten Minute Rule – Tied Public Houses (Code of Practice)

Legislation – Welfare Reform Bill – 2R

Adj – Portsmouth - London railway line

7th DLC - Draft International Tax Enforcement (Antigua and Barbuda) Order 2011, etc

8th DLC - Draft Data Protection (Subject Access Modification) (Social Work) (Amendment) Order 2011

Science and Technology


Work and Pensions

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Foreign Affairs

Northern Ireland Affairs

Environmental Audit


Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Legislation – Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No.2) Bill

Legislation – Public Bodies Bill [HL]

Short Debate – Royal Commission on the law governing drug use and posession

EU Sub-Committee D


10 Mar

OPQ – Transport

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Backbench Business - (i) Future of the Coastguard Service (ii) Motion relating to UN women

Adj – Interception of mobile communications

WGC - The UK Government’s energy policy as it relates to Wales

PBC – Education Bill

PBC – Health and Social Care Bill

PBC – Localism Bill

9th DLC - Draft Social Security (Contributions) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2011and the draft Social Security (Contributions) (Re-rating) Order 2011

Political and Constitutional Reform

Culture, Media and Sport

Business, Innovation and Skills

Introduction – Lord Blencathra

Oral Questions

Debate – Recent developments in the British Overseas Territories

Debate – Zimbabwe

Short Debate – Affects of points-based visa system on non European Union artists, performers and academics

EU Sub-Committee C


11 Mar

The House will not be sitting



The House will not be sitting