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Weekly Information Bulletin

Weekly Information Bulletin: 12th March 2011

General Committees

General Committee debates are available to view on the Parliament website.

Public Bill Committee debates.

Other General Committee debates.

For further information on General Committees see HCIO Factsheet L6 produced by the House of Commons Information Office, available in hardcopy on request or to download from the Parliament website.

Current Public Bill Committees, details of membership




Budget Responsibility and National Audit [HL]


Issue 29 p42; Issue 30 p42

Coinage (Measurement)

Issue 30 p42; This issue

Draft House of Lords Reform

Bill laid

Issue 3 p23



Issue 28 p38, Issue 29 p42

Estates of Deceased Persons (Forfeiture Rule and Law of Succession)


Issue 28 p38; Issue 29 p42

Finance (No. 2)


Issue 13 p30; Issue 14 p31

Health and Social Care


Issue 27 p38

Identity Documents


Issue 5 p25; Issue 6 p30

Local Government


Issue 15 p34



Issue 25 p38; Issue 27 p28

National Insurance Contributions


Issue 19 p37, Issue 20 p38

Police Reform and Social Responsibility


Issue 22, p37

Postal Services


Issue 16 p33; Issue 19 p37

Protection of Freedoms


This Issue

Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy


Issue 15 p34; Issue 17 p34

Sports Ground Safety Authority


Issue 20 p38; Issue 24 p36



Issue 11 p27; Issue 12 p30

Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc.


Issue 18 p36; Issue 19 p37

Welfare Reform


This Issue

Wreck Removal Convention


Issue 25 p38; Issue 27 p38

Dates in italics denote expected reporting date, (R), of Public Bill Committee as stated in the Programme Motion, if made.

Membership announcements and changes:

Coinage (Measurement) Bill: Chair – Andrew Rosindell; Pete Wishart discharged and Stuart Hosie added

Protection of Freedoms Bill:

Chairs: Martin Caton and Mr Gary Streeter

Steve Baker

Nicola Blackwood

Tom Brake

James Brokenshire

Mr Robert Buckland

Mrs Jenny Chapman

Rehman Chishti

Vernon Coaker

Clive Efford

Michael Ellis

Lynne Featherstone

Diana Johnson

Gareth Johnson

Guy Opperman

John Robertson

Jim Shannon

Mark Tami

Mr Tom Watson

Jeremy Wright

Welfare Reform Bill: Chairs – Mr Mike Weir and Mr James Gray

General Committee Meetings

7 – 11 March 2011

Monday 7 March

1 st DLC Draft Grants to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2011
2 nd DLC Draft Local Authorities (Mayoral Elections) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2011
3 rd DLC Draft Marine Licensing (Licence Application Appeals) Regulations 2011 and the draft Marine Licensing (Notices Appeals) Regulations 2011

Tuesday 8 March

PBC Education Bill (5 th & 6 th Sittings; Clause 1 agreed)
PBC Health and Social Care Bill (13 th & 14 th Sittings; Clause 22 Agreed, as amended; Clauses 40-49 agreed; Schedule 2 Agreed, as amended; Schedule 3 Agreed)
PBC Localism Bill (21 st & 22 nd Sittings; Clauses 127, 129, 13 1, 133-149, 151-172, 174 -198 Agreed; Clauses 128, 173, 185 Agreed, as amended; Clauses 130, 132, 150 Agreed, on division; Schedule 14-18, 20-23 Agreed; Schedule 19 Agreed, as amended)
4 th DLC Draft Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011
5 th DLC Draft Licensing Act 2003 (Royal Wedding Licensing Hours) Order 2011
6 th DLC Draft Jobseeker’s Allowance (Work Experience) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

Wednesday 9 March

7 th DLC Draft International Tax Enforcement (Antigua and Barbuda) Order 2011, the draft International Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters Order 2011, the draft Double Taxation Relief and International Tax Enforcement (Montserrat) Order 2011, the draft International Tax Enforcement (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) Order 2011, the draft International Tax Enforcement (Saint Lucia) Order 2011 and the draft International Tax Enforcement (Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts) and Nevis) Order 2011
8 th DLC Draft Data Protection (Subject Access Modification) (Social Work) (Amendment) Order 2011

Thursday 10 March

WGC The UK Government’s energy policy as it relates to Wales
PBC Education Bill (7 th & 8 th Sittings; Clauses 2-3 Agreed)
PBC Health and Social Care Bill (15 th & 16 th Sittings; Clauses 169-170, 172, 180, 182, 185-191 Agreed; Clauses 50, 166-168, 171, 173-176, 178-179, 181, 183, 192 Agreed, as amended; Clause 177 Agreed, on division; Schedule 13 Agreed, as amended)
PBC Localism Bill (23 rd & 24 th Sittings; Clauses 199-200, 203-204, 207 Agreed; 201, 205-206 Agreed as amended; Schedule 24 Agreed)
9 th DLC Draft Social Security (Contributions) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2011and the draft Social Security (Contributions) (Re-rating) Order 2011

Friday 11 March


Forthcoming General Committee Meetings

14 – 18 March February 2011

Monday 14 March

ECB European Union Document No. 15319/10, relating to the strategy for the effective implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights by the European Union, 4.30pm, Room 10
ECB European Union Documents No. 13840/10 and Addenda 1 and 2, relating to the Draft Regulation on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps, 4.30pm, Room 5
1 st DLC Draft Road Vehicles (Powers to Stop) Regulations 2011, 4.30pm, Room 9
2 nd DLC Draft Pension Protection Fund (Pension Compensation Cap) Order 2011, the draft Financial Assistance Scheme (Revaluation and Indexation Amendments) Regulations 2011 and the draft Occupational Pension Schemes (Levy Ceiling) Order 2011, 4.30pm, Room 11
3 rd DLC Draft Greater Manchester Combined Authority Order 2011, 4.30pm, Room 12

Tuesday 15 March

PBC Education Bill, 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 9
PBC Health and Social Care Bill, 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 10
ECA European Union Document No. 17582/10, relating to contractual relations in the milk and milk products sector, 4.30pm, Room 12
4 th DLC Draft Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2011, 4.30pm, Room 14

Wednesday 16 March

PBC Coinage (Measurement) Bill, 9.30am, Room 9
5 th DLC Draft Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Order 2011, 2.30pm, Room 9

Thursday 17 March

PBC Education Bill, 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 9
PBC Health and Social Care Bill, 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 10

Friday 18 March