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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Annexes supplied by the Catering and Retail Service: Dining Rooms

cafeterias and bars: number of covers served October to December 2009

and October to December 2010  Ev w1

2  Bob Ainsworth MP  Ev w20

3  Lorely Burt MP  Ev w20

4  Lorely Burt MP—further written evidence  Ev w20

5  Dr Thérèse Coffey MP  Ev w21

6  Dr Thérèse Coffey MP—further written evidence  Ev w21

7  David Davies MP  Ev w21

8  Brian H. Donohoe MP  Ev w22

9  Brian H. Donohoe MP—further written evidence  Ev w22

10  Clive Efford MP  Ev w22

11  Richard Graham MP  Ev w22

12  Margot James  Ev w22

13  Caroline Lucas MP  Ev w23

14  Fiona Mactaggart MP  Ev w24

15  Kerry McCarthy MP  Ev w25

16  Madeleine Moon MP  Ev w25

17  Teresa Pearce MP  Ev w25

18  Andrew Robathan MP  Ev w25

19  Laurence Robertson MP  Ev w26

20  Jim Sheridan MP  Ev w26

21  Jo Swinson MP  Ev w27

22  Stephen Williams MP  Ev w27

23  First Division Association (FDA) union  Ev w27

24  Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union  Ev w28

25  National Assembly for Wales  Ev w28

26  Facilities Directorate, Northern Ireland Assembly  Ev w29

27  The Scottish Parliament  Ev w29

28  Department of Culture, Media and Sport  Ev w30

29  Ministry of Defence  Ev w30

30  Department for Education  Ev w30

31  Department of Health  Ev w31

32  Ministry of Justice  Ev w31

33  Scotland Office  Ev w32

34  Department for Transport  Ev w32

35  HM Treasury  Ev w33

36  Frances Allingham, House of Commons staff  Ev w33

37  Tom Jones, Members' staff  Ev w34

38  Emma Laity, Members' staff  Ev w35

39  Linda Rostron, House of Commons staff  Ev w35

40  Linda Rostron, House of Commons staff—further written evidence  Ev w36

41  Selina Short, Members' staff  Ev w36

42  Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)  Ev w36

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