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Appendix 2: Professor Ebdon's Curriculum Vitae

Name      Professor Leslie Colin Ebdon CBE DL

University    1965 - 1971

      Imperial College of Science and Technology

      University of London

Qualifications    1968  - BSc(Hons) Chemistry Class II, London University


      1971   - A.R.I.C.

        - D.I.C.

- PhD (London) 'Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy in Flame and Non-Flame Cells'

      1975   - M.I.W.E.S.


      1981  - F.R.S.C.

      1988  - M.C.I.W.E.M. C.W.E.M.

      2008 - F.R.S.A.

        - DSc (Hon) University of Plymouth

Present Position  Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive,   University of Bedfordshire

Higher Education Experience

Lecturer in Chemistry, Makerere University, Uganda.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry, Sheffield City Poly

Reader/Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Plymouth Polytechnic/Polytechnic South West

Head of Department of Environmental Sciences and VG Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Plymouth Polytechnic/Polytechnic South West

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and VG Professor of Analytical Chemistry, University of Plymouth

2003  Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, University of Luton (now University of Bedfordshire)

Major Honours Awarded

1986    Royal Society of Chemistry, Analytical Division, Schools Lecturer

1986  Royal Society of Chemistry, 13th SAC Silver Medal for Analytical Chemistry

Benedetti-Pichler Memorial Award, American Microchemical Society

2008    Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Plymouth

2009     Commander of the Order of the British Empire (New Year's Honours)

2011     Deputy Lieutenant for Bedfordshire

Major Committees

1995 to 2003  Various working parties of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on trace metal speciation in food.

1985 to 2003  Member of various EC - Bureau of Community Reference Working Parties and consultant to BCR. Technical Secretary of tin speciation group.

1999 to 2007  Chair, DTI Valid Analytical Measurement Working Group

1999 to 2009  Member, DTI Measurement Advisory Committee

1990 to 2007  Member DTI SQMAC (Measurement Advisory Committee) Steering Group and Working Party

1990 to 1995  Member Programme Management Committee DTI/SERC LINK      Programme on Techniques of Analytical and Physical Measurement'.

1991 to 2007  Member Council, Royal Society of Chemistry

1991-1997   Chair, Royal Society of Chemistry Publications Board

1995    Member, Central Science Laboratory Review Group

1995 to 2003  Member Structure and Bonding College of EPSRC

1997     Chair, Masters Courses in Chemistry Review Panel, EPSRC

1997    Member, Certification Evaluation Panel, European Commission, DGXII

1998  Chair, EPSRC Mass Spectrometry Service Review Group Member, Research Proposal Evaluation Panel, European Commission, SM&T, DGXII

1998 to 2007  Trustee, National Marine Aquarium

2003 to 2009  Member, DEFRA Central Science Laboratory Advisory Board

2003 to 2005  Chair, Royal Society of Chemistry Strategy and Resources Board

2003 to 2008   Member, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing Board

2003 to 2008  Chair, Chemistry World Editorial Board

2003 to date  Executive Member, million +

2003 to 2006  Member, Universities UK Strategy Group on Leadership, Management and Governance

2003 to 2006  Chair, Universities UK Strategy Group on Student Experience

2003 to 2006  Member, Universities UK Health Committee

2003 to 2011   Member, Association of Universities in the East of England

2004 to 2008  Member, Bedfordshire and Luton Learning and Skills Council

2004 to 2008   Director, Luton Dunstable Partnership

2005 to 2006  Member, Universities UK Part-time Research Steering Group

2005 to date  Member, Chinese journal Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis Editorial Advisory Board

2005 to date  Member, Universities and Colleges Employers Association

2006 to 2011  Chair, Association of Universities in the East of England

2006 to date  Member, Universities UK Board

2006 to 2010  Chair, Universities UK Student Experience Policy Committee

2006 to 2010  Member, Universities UK Health and Social Policy Committee

2006 to 2010  Member, University Vocational Awards Council

2007 to date  Member, Education Chaplaincy Working Group, Baptist Union of Great Britain

2007 to date  Editorial Board member, British Journal of Higher Education in Further Education

2007 to 2010  Member, Universities UK Delivery Partnership Steering Group

2007 to 2008  Member, Universities UK Expansion Project Steering Group

2007 to date  Chair, million+ Universities Group

2007 to date  Member, The Times Higher Education Supplement Editorial Board

2007 to date  Member, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Measurement Board

2007 to 2010  Member, National Council of Education Excellence

2007 to date  Member, Parliamentary University Group Council

2008 to date  Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts

2009 to date  Trustee, Royal Society of Chemistry

2009 to date  Vice Patron, Luton Christian Education Trust

2009 to 2010  Member, Regional Economic Forum, East of England

2009 to date  President, United Nations Association-Luton

2010 to 2010  Member, Luton Gateway Board

2010 to date  Vice President, The Bedford Hospitals Charity

2010 to date  Member, Further Education and Skills Ministerial Advisory Panel

2011 to date  Chair, Universities UK Students, Quality and Participation Policy Network

2011 to date  Member Universities UK Health Education and Research Policy Network

2011 to date  Member Joint Research Centre of the European Commission Thematic Area Board 'Reference Materials and Measurements'

2011 to date  Member, South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Board

2011 to date  Patron, The Bletchley Park Trust

Current Directorships

Director, University of Luton Enterprises Ltd

Director, Centre for Competitiveness Ltd



Chemistry and Environmental Science: Analytical Chemistry, particularly the development of new methods of analytical atomic spectrometry, on-line monitoring and trace element speciation.


Over 250 publications in refereed journals, a list is available on request.

Over 260 conference presentations, including plenary lectures in 17 countries on 6 continents.


Awarded over £1 million in research grants in the last 10 years and 22 studentships.

Supervision Experience

Successfully supervised 52 PhD; 7 MPhil and 42 Postdoctoral Fellows

External Examining

External Examiner at some time for 3 BSc, 4 MSc and 3 Postdoctoral Diploma courses and 23 PhDs.

Editorial Boards

Served or serving on 11 Editorial Boards and the Chair of Publications and Information Board of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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