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Written evidence submitted by the Fern Gore Residents Association

We live in the bb5 area of Accrington, Lancashire and there has been NO regeneration in this area for many years either by government or local government.

As a local residents association we have made many suggestions, all of which seem to have fallen on stony ground.

The only regeneration that we can find in Hyndbyrn is a small area where older homes have been knocked down to be replaced by new brick and glass structures that area out of keeping with the local environment and people.

As stated above we are a local residents association (Fern-Gore M.B.E.) and are on many local (linked) bodies:

Neighbourhood management, soccer task force, community centre board, school governors, area council reps, pact group, green open spaces, N.R.C.V. members of Entrust and run seven youth football teams and one adult team, and run a small community wild life area.

and in answer to question 4 NO -nowhere near is being done.

June 2011

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Prepared 3 November 2011