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Letter to the Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee from BBC Director General Mark Thompson, 5 April 2011

Thank you for your letter of 24 March, in which you express disappointment that banded information on BBC talent salaries is not yet in the public domain. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

While Sir Michael Lyons committed the BBC to greater transparency over talent salaries in July 2010, he also identified a number of legal and contractual issues to be overcome before the information could be released. Our legal and business affairs teams have been working to address these and we reported back on our progress to the BBC Trust in January. At that point a decision was made to publish the CMS Select Committee's bands in the forthcoming Annual Report.

At that time we will publish the data for two full years to demonstrate the continued downward pressure we are applying to talent fees. We were unable to release this any earlier as we only reached the end of our financial year 2010-11 last week. The 2010-11 spend will now be audited alongside the rest of the BBC's financial statements and will be completed by June, ahead of publication in early July.

I hope this reassures you that we are making good progress with the Chairman's request.

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Prepared 19 May 2011