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Further written evidence submitted by The Premier League

In your letter of 3 May you ask for clarification about apparent conflicts of interest concerning the award of contracts to a company run by Sir Dave Richards' son. This issue was raised recently by the Yorkshire Post although the facts of the case are perhaps more prosaic than the over-heated presentation by the paper in its reports.

The Premier League has placed business with Glue, the company in question, for small quantities of gift items. The recipients vary widely, from visiting football administrators to young children taking part in one of our good cause programmes such as our school tournament. We do not carry stocks, as demand varies considerably and in any event we have limited storage space.

The sums involved are insignificant and all transactions were undertaken in the normal course of business with no involvement of Board members. Our Chairman had no influence over, nor knowledge of, the individual transactions in question, as they were entered into by individual managers acting on their own initiative and in compliance with company policies. The staff involved were aware that Glue is run by Sir Dave's son but were solely concerned with the core questions of price, quality and deadline. Glue is generally competitive on price, quality and reliability, on the basis of which they were able on occasion to secure some relatively small orders. These orders will typically have been placed by middle managers and all were signed off by a member of senior management to make sure the relevant processes were being observed.

Given their relatively small value, these transactions did not require the Chairman's or the Board's approval and so there is no question of the Premier League's interest having been subordinated or a material conflict of interest arising with the Chairman's position. Our processes for larger contracts do require Board approval, that where appropriate, a fully transparent tender process be carried out and that any potential interest be declared before decisions are taken. No Glue contract has been above the delegated authority levels that require reporting to the Board.

I hope that this gives you the information you seek. Of course if you require anything further I would be happy to provide it.

May 2011

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Prepared 29 July 2011