The Strategic Defence and Security Review and the National Security Strategy - Defence Committee Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Roger Bunbury  Ev w1

2  John Farley  Ev w2

3  Unite the Union  Ev w2

4  Public and Commercial Services Union and Prospect  Ev w3

5  Andrew Dow  Ev w5

6  Edward Featherstone  Ev w6

7  Nigel Hall  Ev w9

8  David Hobbs MBE  Ev w12

9  DefenceSynergia  Ev w13

10  David Faddy  Ev w22

11  Church of England  Ev w23

12  Raytheon UK  Ev w25

13  Derek M Long  Ev w27

14  Dr Sue Robertson  Ev w28

15  Chamber of Shipping  Ev w35

16  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  Ev w37

17  Royal Aeronautical Society  Ev w40

18  Dr Robert Crowcroft, University of Leeds  Ev w42

19  Prospect  Ev w48

20  Project Management Institute  Ev w51

21  Dr Duncan Redford, Centre for Maritime Historical Studies,

University of Exeter  Ev w56

22  James H. Longworth  Ev w69

23  Angus Robertson MP, Westminster Scottish National Party Leader and Defence Spokesman  Ev w71

24  Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association  Ev w77

25  McAfee  Ev w80

26  Campaign Against Arms Trade  Ev w83

27  Greenpeace  Ev w87

28  The Trades Union Corporate Steering Group at BAE Systems  Ev w90

29  Saferworld  Ev w99

30  World Vision UK  Ev w102

31  Oxford Research Group  Ev w104

32  Defence Police Federation  Ev w107

33  Medact  Ev w110

34  Bernard Jenkin MP  Ev w112

35  William RH Orchard  Ev w114

36  C F Roberts  Ev w115

37  Brian K Sargeant and Frank James  Ev w115

38  Admiral Sir John Woodward GBE KCB and colleagues  Ev w120

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Prepared 3 August 2011