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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume III on the Committee's website

1  Caroline Gray  Ev w1

2  Philippa Mitchell, The Butts Primary School  Ev w1

3  Dr John Oversby, Institute of Education  Ev w2

4  Birmingham City University, School of Education  Ev w4

5  School Travel Forum  Ev w6

6  University of Birmingham  Ev w9

7  University of Birmingham and NISAI Virtual Academy  Ev w13

8  Catholic Education Service  Ev w14

9  Field Studies Council (FSC)  Ev w16

10  Dawn Casson    Ev w17

11  Research Councils UK (RCUK)  Ev w18

12  City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development  Ev w20

13  Communication Trust    Ev w22

14  Vision West Notts    Ev w25

15  Association of Colleges  Ev w26

16  Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)  Ev w29

17  Institute for Learning    Ev w32

18  Consortium for Emotional Wellbeing in Schools (CEWBS)  Ev w35

19  National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics  Ev w37

20  Beatbullying    Ev w43

21  Teacher Support Network  Ev w44

22  Wellcome Trust    Ev w48

23  James Whelan    Ev w51

24  National Education Trust  Ev w52

25  Alliance for Inclusive Education  Ev w56

26  The Cathedrals Group    Ev w59

27  AT, Consultants for Change  Ev w63

28  Gatsby Foundation    Ev w65

29  ETeach    Ev w67

30  million+    Ev w69

31  Year 7 Student Letters submitted by Fiona Stockdale, Teach First
participant 2011 (Yorkshire Region)  Ev w73

32  Chloe Bartlett    Ev w77

33  Edge Hill University    Ev w77

34  Martin Moorman, Headteacher, Ravenscliffe High School  Ev w78

35  SCORE    Ev w80

36  Chartered Institute of Housing  Ev w85

37  Rebecca Allen (ioe) and Simon Burgess (CMPO)  Ev w88

38  Institute for Learning    Ev w92

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