Education CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Professor Peter Tymms, Professor Stephen Gorard and Kevin Mattinson


Follow-up Statement

The research evidence from England is clear: Higher education led partnerships have been observed to provide the best initial teacher education in respect of trainee outcomes. Further, the highest performing countries in education generally rely on universities to produce their teaching workforce. The research evidence also indicates that the highest quality school-based Initial Teacher Education is generally to be found where there is a strong Higher Education Partnership/it is led by Higher Education. HEI-led Initial Teacher Training is also shown to be less costly per trainee. However, we note the importance of diversity of routes in providing opportunities to enter the profession and we also note the possibility that TeachFirst has attracted at least some non-traditional and very high quality candidates into initial training.

Recommendation: The pressure to move further towards school led initial teacher education is not informed by reference to an appropriate evidence base; indeed, the body of evidence available supports the retention and strengthening of existing frameworks and partnerships. Any further significant move towards school-led Initial Teacher training should, therefore be resisted, whilst acknowledging that the current diversity has a role to play in widening access to the profession and in attracting a wider range of teaching talent.

November 2011

Prepared 30th April 2012