Education CommitteeFurther written evidence submitted by the Department for Education

During the Select Committee evidence session on 14 March I promised to write to the Committee to set out what happens if a teaching school ceases to meet the required criteria.

The National College for School Leadership has a de-designation process in place for all its programmes. A teaching school’s status will be reviewed if:

the school no longer meets the criteria which led to its designation; for example, a decline in performance or Ofsted judgement;

there is a report of misconduct; or

there is a concern over quality of delivery.

Each teaching school leads a group of schools called an alliance. If a decision is taken to de-designate at the end of this review then the National College will look to designate another school in the alliance (if they meet the criteria).

If this is not possible then the National College will work with the teaching school alliance to establish a clear and orderly exit strategy. This could include winding down or transferring teaching school activities outside of the alliance.

De-designation will result in core funding being withdrawn. If teaching schools are engaged in contractual arrangements, these commitments will be satisfactorily concluded wherever possible.

March 2012

Prepared 30th April 2012