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Written evidence submitted by Mrs K Cleave

I would like to express my concerns regarding EMA grant cuts.

As a mother of a son in his early twenties, who was in receipt of this grant whilst studying for two years at college, to obtain his business studies BTEC National Diploma, which enabled him to pursue his career, and become a useful member of society, who is currently employed in a well paid position, because of the opportunity to attend further education, I would like to tell you how much this grant helped him.

Due to family circumstances—I am a carer for his stepfather, with multiple health problems, the costs of attending college, eg bus fares, and equipment etc were difficult to find. The EMA grant was a necessity, not a luxury, for his future prospects.

I strongly disagree with cutting this grant.

There are countless young people who are hardworking and are willing to learn, who come from poor backgrounds, and need a helping hand to achieve their ambitions.

To remove this grant will remove their opportunity to improve their lives.

It is not a great deal of money each week, but can make the difference between attending/not being able to attend college.

I have read that it is sometimes referred to as a grant that is used by young people to waste/buy alcohol etc.

I do not know of any young person that wastes the grant money.

The EMA grant paid for necessities, and was greatly appreciated.


25 March 2011

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Prepared 19 July 2011