HC 1624 Energy and Climate Change CommitteeAdditional submission from the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Renewables Obligation Consultation

On 20 October, the UK Government launched its public “Consultation on proposals for the level of banded support under the Renewables Obligation for the period 2013–17” for England and Wales. (see http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/consultations/cons_ro_review/cons_ro_review.aspx)

The Government is proposing to introduce five Renewable Obligation Certificates per megawatt hour (ROCs/MWh) for wave and tidal stream energy, up to a 30MW project cap for deployment in the period to 2017. This is an increase from the current banding level of 2 ROCs/MWh. The proposed level of support will help stimulate much needed investment into the sector. The new bands will come into effect on 1 April 2013.

The overall reaction from the marine energy sector has been very positive with some commenting that the five ROCs is the clear signal that investors need to encourage them to enter the sector.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

DECC published its Post Consultation Report for the Offshore Energy SEA2 Environmental Report on 11 October 2011. It can be found at http://www.offshore-sea.org.uk/site/scripts/news_article.php?newsID=46

In light of the final recommendations set out in the post-consultation report , the Department concluded that there are no overriding environmental considerations to prevent the leasing of wave and tidal energy technologies provided appropriate measures are implemented that prevent, reduce and offset significant adverse impacts on the environment and other users of the sea.

The OESEA2 complements the existing work on SEAs for Scotland and Northern Ireland and opens up suitable sites around the UK for consideration for potential deployment of marine energy devices.

November 2011

Prepared 15th February 2012