Consumption-Based Emissions Reporting - Energy and Climate Change Contents

List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Food Ethics Council  Ev w1

2  Professor C.N. Hewitt   Ev w3

3  West Sussex Environment and Climate Change Board   Ev w3

4  The Packaging Federation   Ev w5

5  Tata Steel   Ev w6

6  Dr Rupert Read   Ev w11

7  E.H.Booth & Co Ltd   Ev w12

8  Green House Think Tank   Ev w14

9  British Ceramics Confederation   Ev w18

10  University of Surrey, Centre for Environmental Strategy   Ev w21

11  Karen Turner, Peter McGregor, Max Munday and J.Kim Swales  Ev w27

12  UK Energy Research Centre   Ev w30

13  Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)   Ev w40

14  Best Foot Forward   Ev w42

15  Construction Products Association   Ev w48

16  EDF Energy   Ev w49

17  Grantham Research Institute   Ev w52

18  InterfaceFLOR   Ev w56

19  University of Cambridge Centre for Mitigation Research   Ev w58

20  Committee on Climate Change  Ev w62

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