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Electricity Market Reform

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 27 April 2011.

Oral Evidence

Taken before the Energy and Climate Change Committee

on Wednesday 2 February 2011

Members present:

Mr Tim Yeo (Chair)
Dan BylesChristopher Pincher
Barry GardinerSir Robert Smith
Ian LaveryDr Alan Whitehead
Dr Phillip Lee



Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Juliet Davenport, CEO, Good Energy, Darren Braham, Chief Financial Officer, first:utility, Dorothy Thompson, CEO, Drax Power, Dr Steve Riley, Executive Director, Europe, International Power, and Dr Gordon Edge, Director of Policy, RenewableUK, gave evidence.

Question Numbers


Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Sarwjit Sambhi, Managing Director of Power Generation, Centrica Energy, John McElroy, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, RWE npower, Sara Vaughan, Director of Regulation and Energy Policy, E.ON, Ian Marchant, CEO, Scottish and Southern Energy, John Campbell, Director of Energy Wholesale Business, ScottishPower, Vincent de Rivaz, CEO, EDF Energy, and Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Regulation, EDF Energy, gave evidence.

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Prepared 16 May 2011