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Supplementary memorandum submitted by Ofgem



1.  During our oral evidence session with the Committee (18 January 2011) we agreed , in response to a question from Albert Owen MP, that we would provide details on how United Kingdom domestic electricity prices contrast with prices within Europe. This information follows and for additional assistance we have also provided the same detail for domestic natural gas prices.  

2.  All data in this submission is sourced from Eurostat and is for the first half of 2010, which is the latest data set available. All prices are expressed in terms of Euros.


3.  The latest data indicates that the UK domestic price for electricity, excluding VAT and tax, is slightly above the EU 27 average.
Price per kWh (not inc VAT and tax): UK 0.1321EU Average 0.1223
Price per kWh (inc VAT and tax): UK 0.1386 EU Average0.1676


4.  The latest data indicates that the UK domestic price for natural gas excluding VAT and tax, is slightly below the EU 27 average.
Price per GJ (not inc VAT and tax): UK 10.73 EU Average 11.12
Price per GJ (inc VAT and tax): UK 11.26 EU Average 14.53

Natural Gas
 Without tax and VAT With tax and VATWithout tax and VAT With tax and VAT
Austria0.14310.1956 12.540017.2900
Belgium0.15490.2032 11.750014.7000
Bulgaria0.06750.0813 8.508010.2107
Croatia0.09340.1151 8.645410.6326
Cyprus0.15970.1858 ::
Czech Republic0.1108 0.134510.866113.0395
Denmark0.11680.2670 14.603429.6959
Estonia0.06950.0970 7.714810.0680
Euro area 0.12340.1765 11.485615.9794
European Union (27 countries)0.1223 0.167611.120314.5413
Finland0.09980.1325 ::
France0.09220.1256 12.250014.4600
Germany0.13810.2375 11.540015.7000
Greece0.09750.1181 ::
Hungary:: ::
Ireland0.15890.1804 12.070013.7900
Italy:0.1967 10.449017.1480
Latvia0.09540.1049 7.92098.7257
Lithuania0.09550.1156 8.620610.4309
Luxembourg0.14330.1726 10.600012.0700
Malta:: ::
Netherlands0.12660.1704 11.190019.4600
Norway0.14840.2027 ::
Poland0.10490.1341 9.677711.8066
Portugal0.10930.1584 15.705016.4910
Romania0.08560.1031 4.17937.6380
Slovakia0.12770.1520 10.177012.1110
Slovenia0.10570.1401 12.410515.9965
Spain0.14170.1728 12.786314.8321
Sweden0.11950.1839 16.447328.7061
Turkey0.10670.1342 7.31218.9794
United Kingdom0.1321 0.138610.728811.2621

Andrew Wright
Senior Partner Markets, Ofgem

January 2011

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Prepared 16 May 2011