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Annex 2: Note of the visit to the Blackpool

In March 2011, we made a visit to Cuadrilla Resources shale gas exploration sites near Poulton-le-Flyde close to Blackpool, Lancashire. We met their senior site staff and were given a tour of the drilling facilities. Cuadrilla were over-engineering the well casing in order to reduce the possibility of the underground water aquifer—through which they drilled—becoming contaminated by natural gas or hydraulic fracturing fluid. At their Elswick site we saw a small power plant on top of gas well, an example of a facility that negated the need for gas transmission by producing electricity and transmitting that instead.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Participating Members:

Mr Tim Yeo (Chairman)

  Albert Owen  Christopher Pincher  Dr Alan Whitehead

Meetings with Cuadrilla's Mark Miller, Chief Executive, and Dennis Carlton, Executive Director.

Tours of:

Grange Hill 1, where exploratory drilling was underway.

Preese Hall 1, where drilling was complete and they were preparing for their first exploratory hydraulic fracture.

Elswick 1, which was commissioned in 1996 and previously owned by British Gas. The conventional gas reservoir underwent hydraulic fracture stimulation in 1993, and has a small generator on top that has been supplying electricity since 1998.

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