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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume II on the Committee's website

1  Dr Mirjam Roeder et al, Researchers, Sustainable Consumption Institute and
Tyndal Centre for Climate change Research, the University of Manchester  Ev w1

2  Jo Ripley  Ev w4

3  RSPCA  Ev w7

4  Great Green Systems Ltd  Ev w8

5  Woodland Trust  Ev w11

6  Shepton Farms Ltd  Ev w15

7  World Society for the Protection of Animals (UK Office)  Ev w19

8  Susan Atkinson, Woodside Farm, South Nottinghamshire  Ev w23

9  Wellcome Trust  Ev w24

10  Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology,
Anglia Ruskin University  Ev w25

11  Fresh Produce Consortium  Ev w32

12  Permaculture Association  Ev w36

13  Research Councils UK  Ev w38

14  Dairy UK  Ev w43

15  GM Freeze  Ev w47

16  Rhiannon Jehu  Ev w52

17  Dr Ulrich Loening  Ev w53

18  Campaign to Protect Rural England  Ev w54

19  WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme)  Ev w62

20  Asda  Ev w67

21  National Rural and Agricultural Workers Sector of Unite the Union  Ev w71

22  Which?  Ev w73

23  Compassion in World Farming  Ev w76

24  British Poultry Council  Ev w81

25  Fairtrade Foundation  Ev w85

26  Oxfam  Ev w89

27  Friends of the Earth  Ev w93

28  New Britain Palm Oil Limited  Ev w96

29  Noel Russell, Manchester University  Ev w100

30  Waitrose  Ev w102

31  Director of Catering and Retail Services, House of Commons  Ev w104

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Prepared 13 May 2012