Foreign Affairs Committee - Twelfth Report
UK-Turkey relations and Turkey's regional role

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 20 March 2012.


Terms of Reference


Conclusions and recommendations

1 Introduction


2 Strengthening the bilateral relationship

UK-Turkey "Strategic Partnership"

FCO resources

UK visa regime

People-to-people contacts and public opinion

    British Council in Turkey

    3 Turkey's domestic political development and human rights

    The nature of AKP rule

      Legal cases and justice system

        Human rights

        Kurdish situation

        New constitution

        4 Turkey as a foreign policy partner

        Turkey's international position and policy

        Non-Western turn?

          Turkey and the 'Arab Spring'

            NATO, the US and missile defence

              Turkey and Iran

              Exaggerated influence?

                Turkey and Israel

                Turkey as 'model'?

                Energy security

                5 Economic and commercial relations

                Turkish economy

                UK-Turkey trade and commercial relations

                  Defence sector

                  EU-Turkey Customs Union

                  PART 2: TURKEY'S EU ACCESSION

                  6 Membership goal

                  UK support for Turkey's EU membership

                  What kind of EU?

                  Will Turkey still want to join?

                  7 Blocked accession process

                  Blocked negotiations

                  Stalemate costs

                  Cyprus breakthrough?

                  8 EU-Turkey partnership?


                  Committee visit to Turkey, 30 October-3 November 2011

                  Map: Turkey and the EU in the wider region

                  Formal Minutes


                  List of written evidence

                  List of additional written evidence

                  Oral and written evidence

                  18 October 2011

                  25 October 2011

                  15 November 2011

                  13 December 2011

                  Written evidence

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