HC 1456 Home Affairs CommitteeFurther supplementary written evidence submitted by Kickz

Here are the figures you requested, which show the percentage figures for the Metropolitan Police Service areas against those areas with Kickz projects in that fall under Metropolitan Police responsibility (accounting for 60 of the 113 projects in England).

The percentage reductions for the MPS as a whole for the same time periods are:

Theft of motor vehicles 28.1% reduction (Kickz areas 31%).

Criminal damage 23.2% reduction (Kickz areas 23.3%).

Robbery 21.5% reduction (Kickz areas 25.7%).

Violence against person 1.4% reduction (Kickz areas 2.1%).

Burglary in dwelling 1.4% reduction (Kickz areas 2.8%).

Bear in mind the fact that cutting Anti Social Behaviour and crime levels is only one part of what Kickz is all about. As the briefing document I sent through on the last email shows, Kickz is designed to:

Engage young people (aged 12–18 years) in a range of constructive activities.

Create routes into education, training and employment.

Break down barriers between the police and young people.

Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the targeted neighbourhoods.

Encourage volunteering within projects and throughout the target neighbourhoods.

Increase the playing, coaching and officiating opportunities for participants.

As I said, please feel free to come back to me should you require any further information.

October 2011

Prepared 22nd December 2011