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Further correspondence from the Chair of the Committee to John Yates QPM, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

As you know, the Committee took oral evidence yesterday from three mobile phone companies, Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere, in connection with its inquiry into phone hacking.

The companies told the Committee that in 2006 they were given no formal notification as to whether or not they should contact those customers identified as having received calls from the suspect numbers and inform them that they might have been the victims of voicemail hacking. My Committee would like to know why this information was not given to the companies in 2006.

The companies also said that they had not subsequently been given any information about the identities of those who had been victims. We wish to know why this is so.

Finally, we wish to know why there has been no response from the Metropolitan Police to the letters from Vodafone and Everything Everywhere of November 2010 in which they responded to DCS Williams's letter of 28 October seeking confirmation that they had contacted their customers who were suspected victims.

I would be grateful to receive your response by noon on Friday 24 June 2011.

15 June 2011

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Prepared 28 October 2011