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Supplementary written evidence from the British Medical Association (PRHP 02)

Thank you for the opportunity to appear as the BMA's witness for the Committee's oral evidence session on 7 December.

I write to offer further clarification in response to a question posed to me during the evidence session. I was asked about the BMA's advice and support for its members on whistleblowing. Dr Raj Mattu, a former employee at the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, was referred to in the question.

As I was interrupted during the early part of the questioning relating to Dr Mattu, I want to clarify that about 10 years ago, and in connection with my then employment as a clinical director in Coventry, I wrote a case review of a single patient death about which Dr Mattu had submitted an incident report. I did not recommend any action against any individuals involved in this matter. I understand that Dr Mattu was suspended some months later over unconnected allegations, and I have no knowledge about whether my report was involved in any way with that or any further actions related to Dr Mattu.

I hope that this further information is useful.

Dr Mark Porter

December 2011

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