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Tuesday 20 July 2011  Page
Chris Underwood, Head of Communications, International Alert, Sophia Swithern, Humanitarian and Conflict Policy Adviser, Oxfam, Jennifer Miquel, Technical Adviser, Women's Protection and Empowerment, International Rescue Committee, and David Mepham, London Director, Human Rights Watch Ev 1

Tuesday 13 December 2011
Daniel Balint-Kurti, Campaign Leader, DRC, Global Witness, and Mike Davis, Campaign Leader, Conflict Resources, Global Witness Ev 16
David Leonard, Professorial Fellow in Governance, and Joanna Wheeler, Research Fellow, Participation, Power and Social Change Team, Institute of Development Studies Ev 24

Thursday 20 October 2011
Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State, Department for International Development Ev 33

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