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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume III on the Committee's website www.parliament.uk/justicecom)

1  Shaun O'Connell   Ev w1

2  Professor Judith Masson  Ev w5

3  Paul Baddeley  Ev w7

4  His Honour Judge Clifford Bellamy  Ev w8

5  Press Association  Ev w13

6  Jill Canvin and Dr George Hibbert,   Ev w15

7  Bruce Edgington  Ev w19

8  Mark Willis  Ev w22

9  Gill King and Michael Griffith-Jones  Ev w25

10  Greater Family Panel  Ev w30

11  Medical Protection Society  Ev w32

12  Lisa Parkinson  Ev w35

13  PDJ Harrison  Ev w39

14  David Hodson  Ev w40

15  Nichole Tonkmor Sarsfield  Ev w45

16  Sarah Saunders  Ev w49

17  Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health  Ev w52

18  Magistrates' Association submitted by the Family Courts Committee  Ev w53

19  Jane Dambe  Ev w58

20  Jeni Styring  Ev w59

21  Association of Lawyers for Children  Ev w62, 130

22  National Association of Child Contact Centres  Ev w72

23  Law Society of England and Wales  Ev w73

24  Cambridge Family Mediation Service  Ev w78

25  National Children's Bureau  Ev w79

26  Public and Commercial Services Union  Ev w81

27  Resolution  Ev w85

28  Julie Doughty  Ev w87

29  National Youth Advocacy  Ev w88

30  Family Law Bar Association  Ev w92

31  Jas Bains and Joanna Rees-Bains  Ev w96

32  Family Courts' Unions Cross Party Group  Ev w103

33  Family Rights Group  Ev w103

34  British Association for Adoption and Fostering  Ev w107

35  Newspaper Society  Ev w108

36  Society of Editors  Ev w111

37  British Association of Social Workers  Ev w112

38  Anne Eccleston  Ev w122

39  Pauline Jordan  Ev w123

40  Mike Quee  Ev w125

41  Janet Hayes  Ev w126

42  Consortium of Expert Witnesses   Ev w126

43  Legal Services Commission   Ev w129, 130

44  National Family Mediation  Ev w 132

45  Centre for Social Justice  Ev w135

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Prepared 14 July 2011