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Supplementary evidence from the Ministry of Justice (FC 72)

The revised Impact Assessment mentions a budget of £10 million for mediation. Has the Government revised the figure of 3,300 extra mediations from the original impact assessment.

The Impact Assessments accompanying the Legal Aid Reform Response published on 21 April 2011 estimates that the additional spend on mediation and legal advice accompanying mediation is likely to be around £10 million following the implementation of the reforms. The number of additional mediations has now been estimated to be around 10,000 per annum in steady-state. The increase in volumes is due to an upward revision in the estimated number of clients that may engage with the mediation process. In addition, a higher fee of £200 for legal advice accompanying mediation will be available for ancillary relief cases where a greater level of work is required to draft a court order giving effect to a mediated settlement. This fee, which could be claimed in respect of one party in each case in addition to the £150 fee for legal advice in support of mediation, along with the additional mediations, has increased the estimated cost of mediation and legal advice accompanying mediation.

June 2011

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Prepared 14 July 2011