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List of additional written evidence

(published in Volume III on the Committee's website

1  Jill Stuchfield JP, Mid North Essex  Ev w1

2  C B McGown  Ev w1

3  Mr Will Watson  Ev w2

4  Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust  Ev w5

5  Raymond Ashley JP  Ev w8

6  Confederation of British Industry (CBI)  Ev w9

7  Mike Guilfoyle  Ev w11

8  The Griffins Society  Ev w13

9  Local Crime Community Sentence National Steering Group Probation
Association  Ev w16

10  Hertfordshire Probation Trust  Ev w18

11  Make Justice Work  Ev w21

12  Bench and the Probation Liaison Committee Chairmen in Northumbria  Ev w24

13  Wiltshire Probation Trust  Ev w26

14  Association of Retired Chief Officers and Inspectors of Probation  Ev w30

15  Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service  Ev w35

16  Community and Criminal Justice Division, De Montfort University  Ev w38

17  Avon and Somerset Criminal Justice Board  Ev w41

18  West Yorkshire Probation Trust  Ev w44

19  Police Sergeant 7157 Lee Bailey, West Midlands Police, Dudley Local
Policing Unit, Offender Management Supervisor  Ev w47

20  Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust  Ev w48

21  Thames Valley Probation  Ev w51

22  Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID)  Ev w55

23  Centre for Mental Health  Ev w59

24  Rethink  Ev w61

25  Dr Rob Mawby, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Leicester University and Professor Anne Worrall, Emerita Professor of Criminology, Keele University  Ev w64

26  Christopher Hignett  Ev w67

27  Together (Working for Wellbeing)  Ev w70

28  Jeremy C Britton, Avon and Somerset Probation Trust  Ev w74

29  Malcolm Lacey, Chief Probation Officer, Dorset, 1982-97  Ev w76

30  Durham Tees Valley Probation Trust  Ev w80

31  Northumbria Probation Trust  Ev w85

32  Criminal Justice Alliance  Ev w89

33  Cambridge and Peterborough Probation Trust  Ev w93

34  Humberside Probation Trust  Ev w95

35  London Probation Trust  Ev w99; 147

36  Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Avon and Somerset Probation Trust  Ev w103

37  Transition to Adulthood Alliance  Ev w107

38  UNISON  Ev w110

39  Justice Unions Parliamentary Group  Ev w114

40  Judges at Birmingham Crown Court  Ev w114

41  Local Government Association  Ev w115

42  Women in Prison  Ev w118

43  Bedfordshire Probation Trust  Ev w122

44  Greater London Authority  Ev w124

45  South Yorkshire Probation Trust  Ev w125

46  York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust  Ev w131

47  Restorative Justice Council  Ev w133

48  Nacro  Ev w134;145

49  Hertfordshire Probation Trust  Ev w138

50  The Prince's Trust  Ev w143

51  West Yorkshire Probation Trust  Ev w144

52  Rebecca Clarke (Greater Manchester Probation Trust)  Ev w149

53  Excalibur Procurement Services Limited  Ev w150

54  Home Group  Ev w151

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Prepared 27 July 2011