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Written evidence submitted by Adrian Milne


1.  I am a correspondent to Pensioners Debout, and have been told of your meeting on this subject on Wednesday 13 October.

2.  It is desirable that all expatriates have the right as a British citizen, permanently to express their opinion through the ballot box in British National elections.

3.  My circumstances are: I am a retired Metropolitan Police Officer, having worked the final three years of my service in the Palace of Westminster. I was medically discharged in 1985, and moved to France. I remain in contact with the UK and its politics through British TV, and still have family living there. As an ex-government employee I am obliged to pay my taxes at source in the UK, yet I am denied the right to vote on their use. It seems illogical to me that the UK should fight wars in other countries to promote democracy, but deny voting rights to its own citizens.

4.  I am conscious that within the EU Britain along with Ireland are exceptional in not allowing representation to our National Government. Our National Government is responsible for all agreements with the EU and our country of residence (France) in our name, but after 15 years we have no right to express our feelings and be represented.

5.  It would be appropriate to be represented in the same manner as French nationals who live in Britain, with members directly elected to their Assembly in Paris.

6.  I am concerned about Britain's relationship within the EU and feel that correct full permanent representation for the expatriates can only do good.

October 2011

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Prepared 4 November 2011