Rules of Royal Succession - Political and Constitutional Reform Committee Contents

Conclusions and recommendations

Religion and establishment

1.  We welcome the proposal that would allow a member of the royal family to marry a Roman Catholic without losing their place in the line of succession. The existing provision is anomalous in discriminating solely against Roman Catholics and those who wish to marry them. The proposal does, however, raise questions about the future role of the Crown in the Church of England, which the House may wish to consider in due course. (Paragraph 14)

Primogeniture and the aristocracy

2.  The proposal to end the preferential treatment of men in the line of succession has been widely welcomed, and with good reason. (Paragraph 15)

3.  While the holders of hereditary peerages continue to be eligible for membership of the House of Lords, the way in which their titles are inherited, and its effect on the gender balance in Parliament, remain matters of public interest. (Paragraph 17)

Royal Marriages Act

4.  The Royal Marriages Act is overdue for reform. We look forward to seeing the detail of the Government's proposals in this area. (Paragraph 18)

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Prepared 7 December 2011