Role and Powers of the Prime Minister

Wri t ten ev i dence su b mitted by the Cabinet O f fice (R P PM 04)


Thank you for your letter of 27 March, requesting information about staffing in the Prime

Minister's Office.

Details on the Senior Civil Servants and Special Advisers working for the Prime Minister are below.

Civil Servants Political staff

Director General, No10, and Principal Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister

Private Secretary to the Prime Minister • Ed Llewellyn

• Chris Martin

Private Office

• Simon Case, Deputy Principal Private


• Nigel Casey, Private Secretary for

Foreign Affairs*

• Gus Jaspert, Private Secretary for

Home Affairs*

• Kate Joseph, Private Secretary for

Foreign Affairs and Development*

• Tim Kiddell, Private Secretary, Speechwriter, and Civil Society (in the Policy Unit)*

• Ed Whiting, Private Secretary for

Deputy Chiefs of Staff to the Prime


• Kate Fall

• Oliver Dowden

Private Office supporting staff

• Kate Shouesmith

• Isabel Spearman

• Frances Trivett

Policy Unit

• Jo Johnson MP, Head of the Policy


Public Services*

• Dan York-Smith, Private Secretary for

Economic Affairs*

Policy Unit

• Emily Ackroyd, Welfare, Employment and Pensions*

• Conrad Bailey, Defence*

• Tim Luke, Business, Innovation and


• Antonia Williams, Deputy Director, Policy Unit*

Press Office

• Jean-Christophe Gray, Prime

Minister's Official Spokesperson

• Helen Bower, Deputy Spokesperson*

• Emily Hands, Head of NSC/ Afghan communications*

• Scot Marchbank, Head of News*

Events and Visits

• Nicola Hudson, Head of Events &



• Laura Wyld, Head of Appointments*

Corporate Services

• Helen Lederer, Head of Corporate


All roles marked with* are Deputy


• Christopher Lockwood, Deputy Head of the Policy Unit

• Andrew Dunlop, Scotland

• Daniel Korski, Enterprise and


• Kate Marley, Policy Unit

• Alex Morton, Housing, Communities and Local Government

• Richard Parr, International


• Nick Seddon, Health and Social Care

• Tara Singh, Energy and Environment

• Laura Trott, Education and Women

Press Office

• Craig Oliver, Director of


• Ameet Gill, Strategy/Press and


• Ramsay Jones, Political Press

Adviser, Scotland

• Michael Salter, Political Head of


• Alan Sendorek, Political Head of


• Graeme Wilson, Political Press


Events and Visits

• Liz Sugg, Director of Operations

• Martha Varney

External Relations

• Gabby Bertin, Director of External


Research & Information

• Meg Powell-Chandler


• Clare Foges

**As Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet


The total number of Civil Servants currently working in the Prime Minister's Office is 184.6. This includes 1 at Director-General, 2 at Director, 16 at Deputy Director, 24.8 at Band A,

15 at TIS3, 3 at TIS2, 20 at Band B2, 58.05 at Band B1, 44.75 at Band C. The total

number of special advisers currently working for the Prime Minister is 26. This includes 5 within the scheme ceiling, 1 at PB4, 5 at PB3, 9 at PB2, 4 at PB1, and 2 at PBO.

You may be interested to note that details of officials working in the Prime Minister's Office, including numbers of staff and their grades, can be found at The numbers and costs of Special Advisers working in Government are published annually on The most up to date list was published in October 2013 and can be found at

https.// uk/government/publications/speclal-adviser-data-releases-numbers-and-

costs-october-2013. This list also includes information on special advisers based in No10 working for the Deputy Prime Minister.

28 April 2014

Prepared 4th June 2014