Parliament's role in conflict decisions - Political and Constitutional Reform Committee Contents

Conclusions and recommendations

1.  We recommend that the Cabinet Manual should include a clear reference to Parliament's current role in decisions to commit forces to armed conflict abroad. (Paragraph 3)

2.  There is an urgent need for greater clarity on Parliament's role in decisions to commit British forces to armed conflict abroad. We therefore recommend that the Government should as a first step bring forward a draft detailed parliamentary resolution, for consultation with us among others, and for debate and decision by the end of 2011. Much work in this direction has already been completed, and the process for decision should be relatively swift. (Paragraph 6)

3.  We also welcome the Foreign Secretary's commitment to enshrine Parliament's role in law. This is, however, likely to be a longer-term project, to be considered in depth after a parliamentary resolution has been agreed, or if this route fails to bear fruit. We will monitor progress in this area closely, and await the Government's proposals with interest. (Paragraph 7)

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Prepared 17 May 2011