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CONTENTS: Sittings of the House and the Parliamentary Calendar

On this page is the written evidence received and accepted by the Committee as evidence for the ongoing inquiry into Sittings of the House and the Parliamentary Calendar. The written evidence is available as a consolidated PDF version and as individual html files.

PDF Version PDF

HTML version

Rt Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst MP, Chair, Administration Committee (P 76)

Derek Wyatt, formerly MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey 1997-2010 (P 102)

Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (P 105)

Professor Sarah Childs (P 111)

Zac Goldsmith MP (P 113)

Vivienne Windle, former employee of former MPs Tony Banks, Kerry Pollard, Margaret Moran and Liz Blackman (P 115)

David Hamilton MP (P 118)

Hansard Society (P 119)

Trade Union Side (P 120)

Caroline Lucas MP (P 121)

Dr Philip Giddings and Professor Michael Rush (P 122)

R A Hayward OBE (MP 1983-1992) (P 123)

Brian Donohoe MP (P 127)

Unite Parliamentary Staff Branch (P 134)

Dame Anne Begg MP (P 137)

John Mann MP (P 139)

Linda Rostron, Written Answers Unit, Hansard (P 140)

Canadian House of Commons (P 150)

Australian Senate (P 151)

Senate of Canada (P 154)

Australian House of Representatives (P 159)

Lok Sabha (India) (P 160)

Northern Ireland Assembly (P 161)

National Assembly for Wales (P 162)

Scottish Parliament (P 171)

John Thurso MP, Chair of the Finance and Services Committee (P 172)

Joan Walley MP (P 174)

The Labour Party (P 175)

Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP (P 179)

Supplementary evidence from Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP (P 183)

Responses to November 2011 Consultation document on Sittings of the House and the Parliamentary Calendar (P 198)

Further Supplementary evidence from Rt Hon Dame Joan Ruddock MP (P 203)

The Liaison Committee (P 214, 2010–12)

The Labour Party (P 215, 2010–12)

The House of Commons Trade Union Side (P 216, 2010 12)

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Parliamentary Group
(P 219, 2010–12)

The Clerk of the House and Chief Executive (P 220, 2010–12)

Rt Hon Sir George Young, Leader of the House of Commons (P 223, 201012)

The Liberal Democrat Federal Conference Committee (P 224, 201012)

Supplementary Written Evidence submitted by the Leader of the House of Commons (P 241, 201012)

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Prepared 29 February 2012