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3  Delivering the promised legacy

11. Providing a lasting legacy was central to London's bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and encouraging people to participate in sport is one of the key themes of the promised legacy.[27] In 2008, the previous Government set Sport England the target of increasing the number of adults participating in sport by 1 million by March 2013. To date, despite £450 million spent through National Governing Bodies, only 109,000 new people are regularly participating in sport.[28] The Department told us that the Government will announce a new approach to encouraging sports participation in early 2012.[29]

12. The Department told us that the current government is committed to increasing participation in sport, and, in particular, increasing participation in sport through the School Games.[30] However, the Department told us that Ministers have chosen not to adopt the target of 1 million more participants in sport and have not put in its place any quantified target. Consequently, it is now unclear what the scale of the Government's ambitions in terms of sports participation are, and what the sports participation legacy will be.[31]

13. It is not clear who, if anyone, will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the legacy. The Department told us that responsibility and accountability for delivery of the legacy is shared across many different parts of government. For example, responsibility for the Olympic Park Legacy Company is expected to transfer to the Mayor of London in April 2012, whereas the sports legacy is the responsibility of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. [32] The Department was unable to quantify what funding has been set aside by London boroughs for the socio-economic regeneration of East London, and in the current economic climate such funding must be regarded as uncertain, but did point to some progress already made, such as the opening of the Westfield shopping centre.[33]

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