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List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2010-12
First Report Support to incapacity benefits claimants through Pathways to Work HC 404
Second Report Delivering Multi-Role Tanker Aircraft Capability HC 425
Third Report Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in areas with the worst health and deprivation HC 470
Fourth Report Progress with VFM savings and lessons for cost reduction programmes HC 440
Fifth Report Increasing Passenger Rail Capacity HC 471
Sixth Report Cafcass's response to increased demand for its services HC 439
Seventh Report Funding the development of renewable energy technologies HC 538
Eighth Report Customer First Programme: Delivery of Student Finance HC 424
Ninth Report Financing PFI projects in the credit crisis and the Treasury's response HC 553
Tenth Report Managing the defence budget and estate HC 503
Eleventh Report Community Care Grant HC 573
Twelfth Report Central government's use of consultants and interims HC 610
Thirteenth Report Department for International Development's bilateral support to primary education HC 594
Fourteenth Report PFI in Housing and Hospitals HC 631
Fifteenth Report Educating the next generation of scientists HC 632
Sixteenth Report Ministry of Justice Financial Management HC 574
Seventeenth Report The Academies Programme HC 552
Eighteenth Report HM Revenue and Customs' 2009-10 Accounts HC 502
Nineteenth Report M25 Private Finance Contract HC 651
Twentieth Report Ofcom: the effectiveness of converged regulation HC 688
Twenty-First Report The youth justice system in England and Wales: reducing offending by young people HC 721
Twenty-second Report Excess Votes 2009-10 HC 801
Twenty-third Report The Major Projects Report 2010 HC 687
Twenty-fourth Report Delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy HC 667
Twenty-fifth Report Reducing errors in the benefit system HC 668
Twenty-sixth Report Management of NHS hospital productivity HC 741
Twenty-seventh Report HM Revenue and Customs: Managing civil tax investigations HC 765
Twenty-eighth Report Accountability for Public Money HC 740
Twenty-ninth Report The BBC's management of its Digital Media Initiative HC 808
Thirtieth Report Management of the Typhoon project HC 860
Thirty-first Report HM Treasury: The Asset Protection Scheme HC 785
Thirty-second Report Maintaining financial stability of UK banks: update on the support schemes HC 973
Thirty-third Report National Health Service Landscape Review HC 764
Thirty-fourth Report Immigration: the Points Based System - Work Routes HC 913
Thirty-fifth Report The procurement of consumables by National Health Service acute and Foundation Trusts HC 875
Thirty-seventh Report Departmental Business Planning HC 650
Thirty-eighth Report The impact of the 2007-08 changes to public service pensions HC 833
Thirty-ninth Report Department for Transport: The InterCity East Coast Passenger Rail Franchise HC 1035
Fortieth Report Information and Communications Technology in government HC 1050
Forty-first Report Office of Rail Regulation: Regulating Network Rail's efficiency HC 1036
Forty-second Report Getting value for money from the education of 16- to 18-year olds HC 1116
Forty -third Report The use of information to manage the defence logistics supply chain HC 1202
Forty-fourth ReportForty-fifth Report Lessons from PFI and other projectsThe National Programme for IT in the NHS: an update on the delivery of detailed care records HC 1201HC 1070
Forty-sixth reportForty-seventh Report Transforming NHS ambulance servicesReducing costs in the Department for Work and pensions HC 1353HC 1351
Forty-eighth ReportForty-ninth ReportFiftieth Report Spending reduction in the Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeThe Efficiency and Reform Group's role in improving public sector value for moneyThe failure of the FiReControl project HC 1284 HC 1352HC 1397
Fifty-first Report Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority HC 1426
Fifty-second Report DfID Financial Management HC 1398
Fifty-third Report Managing high value capital equipment HC 1469
Fifty-fourth Report Protecting Consumers - The system for enforcing consumer law HC 1468
Fifty-fifth Report Formula funding of local public services HC 1502
Fifty-sixth Report Providing the UK's Carrier Strike Capability HC 1427
Fifty-seventh Report Oversight of user choice and provider competition is care markets HC 1530
Fifty-eighth ReportFifty-ninth Report HM Revenue and Customs: PAYE, tax credit debt and cost reductionThe cost-effective delivery of an armoured vehicle capability HC 1565HC 1444
Sixtieth Report Achievement of foundation trust status by NHS hospital trusts HC 1566
Sixty-first Report HM Revenue and Customs 2010-11 Accounts: tax disputes HC 1531
Sixty-second Report Means Testing HC 1627
Sixty-third Report Preparations for the roll-out of smart meters HC 1617
Sixty-fourth Report Flood Risk Management HC 1659
Sixty-fifth Report DfID: Transferring cash and assets to the poor HC 1695
Sixty-sixth Report Excess Votes 2010-11 HC 1796
Sixty-seventh Report Whole of Government Accounts 2009-10 HC 1696
Sixty-eighth Report Ministry of Defence: The Major Projects Report 2011 HC 1678
Sixty-ninth Report Rural payments Agency - follow up of previous PAC recommendations HC 1616
Seventieth Report Oversight of special education for young people aged 16-25 HC 1636
Seventy-third Report The BBC's efficiency programme HC 1658
Seventy-fourth Report Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games HC 1716

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