Government and IT- "A Recipe For Rip-Offs": Time For A New Approach - Public Administration Committee Contents

List of printed written evidence

1  Westminster City Council   

2  Cloud Industry Forum  

3  British Computer Society (BCS)  

4  Socitm  

5  Hewlett Packard (HP)   

6  Erudine  

7  Intellect  

8  Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office  

9  London School of Economics and Political Science identity Project  

10  Open Rights Group  

11  Supplementary evidence from Intellect  

12  Supplementary evidence from Socitm  

13  DWP  

14  HMRC  

15  Supplementary evidence from Hewlett Packard (HP)  

16  Supplementary evidence from Cabinet Office  

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