Public Administration Committee - 902-I Seventeenth Report
The Big Society

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 7 December 2011.


Terms of Reference


1  Introduction

2  The Big Society project and Whitehall

3  Opening public services to alternative providers

4  Funding the voluntary sector

5  Commissioning public services and the Big Society

6  Choice, contestability and equality of service provision

7  Accountability, equity, representation and management

8  Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


List of printed written evidence

Witnesses (Funding the Voluntary Sector)

List of printed written evidence (Funding the Voluntary Sector)

List of additional written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Oral and Written Evidence - volume I

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Thursday 9 June 2011

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Thursday 30 June 2011

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Part I - Written Evidence

Oral and Written Evidence - volume II

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Part II - Written Evidence

Additional (Unprinted) Written Evidence - volume III

Part III - Additional (unprinted) Written Evidence

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