Scottish Affairs CommitteeWritten evidence submitted by Hugh Maguire

Dear Committee Members,

I welcome your inquiry into the potential referendum on Separation for Scotland.

I would like to raise a query with you regarding voting eligibility.

I am a Scot, born in Stonehaven but I live and work in Hove, England, while my family remains in Scotland.

As a result I will be affected by any significant further devolution and particularly independence in ways I am concerned will not be at the heart of the debate.

The issues of prime concern are related to my nationality, currency, tax, care for the elderly, inheritance, etc and in the extreme case potentially even my right of abode in either Scotland or England.

I feel I have a democratic right to vote on the issue of Scottish Independence, and I would be very grateful if you could consider this aspect in your inquiry. I would also welcome consideration on the effects on potential Expats when reviewing the terms under which Scotland may leave the Union.

October 2011

Prepared 4th May 2012