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Supplementary written evidence from the British Science Association (Sch Sci 05a)

At the evidence session this morning, the Chairman raised the question of independent school participation in the National Science and Engineering Competition at the Big Bang, and I gently disagreed with his picture of overwhelming private school participation.

Here are the figures from this year, which show majority state school participation, though some over-representation from the private sector (as one might expect given their larger resources), and from selective schools (including state grammar schools).

71% of finalists came from state schools with 29% from the independent sector. The state schools included comprehensive schools, 60 form colleges, academies and maintained schools.

55% of finalists came from non-selective schools, compared to 45% from selective schools.

The tables below show breakdown by country and selectivity.
TotalTotal %
England - Maintained69 45
England - Academies13 8
England - Independent36 23
England - Colleges32
Northern Ireland96
Home Educated11
 TotalTotal %
Total Selective6945
Total Non-Selective84 55

Sir Roland Jackson
Chief Executive
British Science Association

29 June 2011

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