Spending Review 2010 - HC 618Written evidence submitted by Helen Smith (SR 03)

Who am I?

Helen Smith.

My Project

I work for the Association for Science Education.

I am the administrator on a project funded by the Department for Education which aims to improve the quality of Practical Work in Science teaching by training teachers through a cascade model.

Funding for the project comes to an end this month.

My Involvement and what I have seen

As the administrator on the project, one of the jobs I am responsible for is collating all the feedback from teachers attending the training.

Overwhelmingly the feedback is very positive. Teachers, and in particular trainee teachers, have found that the approach to teaching practicals featured in this programme is inspiring. We aim to reach 2,000 teachers at the end of the project.

The programme is scheduled to come to an end this month, however, as the academic year does not mirror the DfE’s financial year there is a mismatch between the funding period and time left to complete the project.

Effect of the Cuts on the Project

Senior management are aiming to secure additional funding to enable us to complete the project, however, the cuts may affect the decision on this.

Also there appears to me to be a lot of merit in continuing the programme to reach more science teachers, but without funding, this will not happen, and seems a waste of a great initiative.

March 2011

Prepared 7th November 2011