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Appendix A: Duties and responsibilitiesof Commissioners

Electoral Commissioners are responsible for:

  • Setting the overall strategicdirection of the Commission and ensuring delivery of its strategicgoals within the statutory framework, and with the resources determinedby Parliament, to ensure public confidence in democracy
  • Ensuring efficient and effective use of publicfunds and that the Commission operates within the limits of itsstatutory authority to high standards of governance
  • Setting the Commission's regulatory prioritiesand monitoring its regulatory activity in the areas of both partyand election finance and electoral administration, including oversightof the publication of statutory election reports
  • From time to time, taking regulatory decisionson key issues within the Commission's remit. This may includedeciding on the appropriate response to significant breaches ofthe regulatory framework for political parties and candidates
  • Serving as a member of the Audit or RemunerationCommittees if required, and participation in informal referencegroups from time to time
  • Effectively contributing to the Commission'srole as a UK-wide body; understanding the issues faced on a UK-widelevel and effectively supporting the work of the devolved governments
  • Participating in stakeholder events and publicaffairs activities as required
  • Performing any other roles or functions whichthe Commission asks them to discharge personally

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