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The following correspondence was received in connection with the Committee's inquiry and copies have been placed in the Parliamentary Archives (www.parliament.uk/archives), and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to The Parliamentary Archives, Houses of Parliament, London SW1A 0PW (tel. 020 7219 3074; email archives@parliament.uk). Opening hours are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Mr Francis Charig, Antix Labs Ltd; Mr D F Willbond; Kim Goodall, HS2 Action Alliance; John Tayor,  The Chiltern Society; Chris Smith; Michael & Sue Barden; Christopher Paine; A & R McNair; Dan byles MP; David Kirchheimer, Langham Textiles; Peter Hooper; John Stratton; Ms Brenda M Liddiard; Adam D G Macleod; Ms A Woof; Patricia Mallett; Michael Wilkinson; Mark Blathwayt; Daniel Scharf, GreenSpeed; Lawrence Ractliffe; Anthony Ransome; Kevin Archer; Louise Gould; Bruce Weston,  HS2 Action Alliance; M. A. Timms; P Coughlan; Simon Moppett, Conservative Transport Group; C J Prideaux; Steve Trowbridge; Alison Farquhar; Stephen Plowden; Marilyn Fletcher, Chiltern Countryside Group; Dr John Waters; APD Westhead; Neil Mathers; David Thrower; The New Economics Foundation; Chris Eaglen; Timothy Hart; Maurice Lewis; Mr H B Warburton; Hilary Wharf, HS2 Action Alliance; Mr Rawicz-Szczerbo; Grand Central Railway Company Ltd; Tim Cresty,Cognitio Communications; Dr Paul Thornton; Adam Macleod; Paul Withrington; Dr Paul Hoad; Glenn Lyons; Alison Doggett, Chiltern Society; Daniel Moylan, Transport for London; Mike Overall, Chiltern Society; James Cornish; William Barter; Marilyn Fletcher; 51M.

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Prepared 8 November 2011