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Written evidence from Crossrail Limited (HSR 124)

Crossrail Limited ("CRL") welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Transport Committee's call for evidence regarding the strategic case for High Speed Rail.

CRL is charged with delivering the Crossrail Programme - a new east-west high-frequency, metro railway through London from Maidenhead to Shenfield and Abbey Wood. Crossrail is due to begin passenger operations in late 2018.

CRL's interest in High Speed Rail is limited to the interface between the new Crossrail Depot at Old Oak Common and the proposed High Speed 2 station at Old Oak Common and we wish to draw the Committee's attention to the following points:

1.  The Crossrail Programme does not include provision of any station facilities at Old Oak Common. However, the Government's HS2 plans propose a station at Old Oak Common to enable interchange with Crossrail and other rail services. Any change to the Crossrail scope would need to be instructed to CRL by the Crossrail Sponsors (Transport for London and the Department for Transport). The funding of any change would also be a matter for the Crossrail Sponsors.

2.  HS2 Limited has confirmed to CRL that a proposed station at Old Oak Common will not encroach on the Crossrail depot and will not adversely impact upon depot operations. HS2 Ltd is working on the basis that access to the Crossrail depot is required at all times, should HS2 be constructed. Any change to this position will have an adverse impact as the Crossrail depot at Old Oak Common is critical to the future operation of Crossrail services.

3.  CRL has recently appointed a shortlist of potential suppliers to bid for the design, build and finance of the 60 trains and the related depot and maintenance facilities to be based at Old Oak Common - it is anticipated that tenders will be invited to submit bids in late 2011 with a view to awarding a contract in late 2013.

4.  Commercial development proposals at Old Oak Common are a matter for the local authority, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

CRL would be happy to provide further clarifications should you wish.

May 2011

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Prepared 8 November 2011