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Written evidence from William Summers (HSR 132)

The government appears to be hell bent on pushing through the building of a high speed rail link in an effort to keep up with other members of the EEC.

1.  We do not have the area of land to support such a major infrastructure project as is available in other EEC countries.

2.  We have no need for the project nor, certainly not at the moment, the money to finance it.

3.  The business case for it is not viable, wild assumptions have been made to try to justify it.

4.  If there were a need for increased capacity, which is by no means certain then alternatives exist which would be far less expensive.

5.  HSR is not environmentally friendly using far more CO2 than existing modes of travel.

6.  The government, on behalf of the Nation, declared the Chilterns an Area of OUTSTANDING national beauty. Intrusive building is only allowed if there is an overwhelming need, no alternative exists and all other avenues of solving the problem explored. These criteria have not been met.

May 2011

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Prepared 8 November 2011