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Written evidence from John Killip (HSR 201)

Please can you raise the issue of MAGLEV for discussion and comment at the Transport Select Committee on the 6 September 2011

My concern is that MAGLEV not been considered when it is:

(a)  for connectivity to the stations on the HS2 proposals it would be half the cost;

(b)  it would be much faster 500kmh rather than 360kph, it accelerates and brakes much quicker as the carriages are much lighter and there is no locomotive;

(c)  it is much more flexible and is able to follow existing transport corridors such as the M62 thus avoiding the need for the Y route;

(d)  It is several orders of magnitude quieter as there is no contact with the track;

(e)  the footprint is much smaller no unsightly gantries less tunnels;

(f)  it would not be affected by weather as there is no engine to get blocked by the wrong kind of snow and there would be no problems with leaves or snow on the track;

(g)  it uses 21st  century technology rather than old 19th century wheel on rail techology no wear and tear as no wheels or rails therefore maintenance costs much less;

(h)  it is tried and tested technology which has been running from Shanghai airport to Shanghai for some years; and

(i)  a trial could be built from Edinburgh to Glasgow now rather than waiting for HS2 in a minimum of 25 years.

Give it some thought it would be far more prestigious than slow noisy wheel on rail systems.

23 August 2011

Note: I have no connection with Ultraspeed but I do think they should be allowed to make presentations to the Select Committee

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Prepared 8 November 2011