Cost of motor insurance: follow up - Transport Committee Contents

Letter from Nick Starling, ABI to the Chair

During the Transport Committee's oral evidence session on The Cost of Motor Insurance on 11 October 2011, Mr Tom Harris MP claimed to quote an internal ABI strategy document suggesting that it would help our lobbying efforts if one insurer announce a ban on referral fees and others followed and that the current position is not ideal and leaves the industry open to allegation of hypocrisy.

I would like to put on the record that this was not an ABI document. This information was from the minutes from a meeting Keoghs hosted with the MoJ which was attended by ABI.

The views expressed were those of a Keoghs representative, not an ABI position or even a view aired by a representative of the ABI.

I would be grateful if this could be put on record.

October 2011

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Prepared 12 January 2012