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Written evidence from F Hare (BUS 117)

I and my husband, Chris Hare, have received a letter from Iain Wright MP regarding the bus services in Hartlepool. We live in Dalton Piercy which now does not have a bus service. We are both pensioners. My husband no longer drives as he is suffering from Parkinsons Desease so it means if he wants to go out of the village I have to take him which is not always convenient. On top of that I can see the day dawning when I must stop driving and then we are stuck. Elwick village which has the same problem has come up with a scheme where several people share a taxi. but again that is not always convenient and Dalton Piercy would have to make its own scheme as it would cost more for a taxi to come via this village. We have bus passes which are not much use here

What would happen if one of us took ill?

Then there is the problem with younger people. Going to classes, scouts guides etc is out unless someone drives. We do not all have cars and we cannot be in two places at once!

My husband spends some time down at Shardlow where he has a narrow boat. From there he can get busses to Derby, Long Eaton and many other places. How come local authorities there can afford them when Hartlepool can't? I do not go there because I am no longer steady enough. Perhaps we should think of moving there, but who would want to buy a house when there is no bus service. I have also noted buses in country areas nearby, so it is not a blanket policy.

Trusting you will view my remarks with favour.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011