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Written evidence from G Wainwright (BUS 118)

My husband, myself and friends attend regularly a dance held in the Catholic Club which is a bus ride away from the estate where we live, this bus service has been taken away from us of an evening.

As I can't drive and my husband can't manage at night, this means expensive taxis are needed. This is not always a pleasant experience standing outside an empty club waiting for a late taxi. Dancing is very good exercise for people our age (being pensioners). If we could have our evening buses back we'd be willing to pay a small charge when using our bus passes, this would enable us to get home safely.

Also a number of younger relatives and friends are having to seriously look to changing their employment as in some cases the cost of their transport home on certain shifts are rapidly eating into the savings, making them having to wonder which bills they can leave unpaid.

This problem is going to soon force firms to change their methods of production in order to keep staff. In turn this will inevitably lead to shut downs or closures.

April 2011

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Prepared 11 August 2011